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Camps and excursions

Students in Years 4, 5 and 6 annually attend year level camps. Camps promote the physical, social, emotional and well-being of our students.

Year 4 Camp Duckadang

This camp provides a range of activities to foster student independence and team build-ing amongst their peers. In the words of the students,

'I liked the low ropes and getting wet in the creek.' - Caitlin

'I loved the big Tarzan rope.' - Chloe

'I liked the creek walk because we learnt to skim rocks on the water. I also liked playing Ping-Pong and having pancakes for breakfast one morning.' - Jack

'I loved the way the cabins were set out and it was great I could sleep in a cabin with my friends.' - Dameon

Year 5 Stanley River Environmental Education Centre

At Stanley River, there is an opportunity for all students to participate in activities that will highlight and enhance their skill sets so they can become role models and leaders in Year 6. Some of the students said,

'The activities were difficult and we needed to really work as a team, which made it fun.' - Stevee

'The best thing about camp was canoeing and being in the environment with my friends.' - Monica

'Everyone was working as a team and communicating with each other. That was great!' - Topi

'The best thing about camp was that we all encouraged each other.' - Keeley

'The best thing was how they taught us how to make a decision with a group, not individually.' - Olivia

'I like that I could make friends with people I don't usually hang out with.' - Zac

Year 6 Emu Gully Camp 

Emu Gully utilises the ANZAC theme through the majority of their activities so as participants can focus on core character values such as Courage, Mateship, Perseverance and Sacrifice.